True story...

$1,288,997 from one promotion.*Screenshot%202023-08-28%20at%201*14*48%20PM*png?alt=media&token=642e6bbd-866b-4ae2-bdd7-90ec5cb7079a*Screenshot%202023-08-28%20at%201*48*40%20PM*png?alt=media&token=a7c3bd52-102f-43be-93d8-3eaf1fb7e082

$1,288,997 I made for them. 

From my copywriting. 

And they loved me for it. 


One million smackaroos. 

$600k the first 6 weeks.  

That’s $100k PER WEEK for the first six weeks.  

But that doesn’t include the other millions in sales I brought 'em.  

Do You Want That? 

If you want new ideas to grow your business... 

Someone to implement a "four day cash machine".... 

Write your next million dollar sales letter... 

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In the meantime check this out... 

A bangin' high ticket coaching funnel that converted 60% of people I  got on the phone. 

SIXTY PERCENT!*Screenshot%202023-08-28%20at%201*15*38%20PM*png?alt=media&token=1e838d41-502a-4c53-b26a-44ef52f29fab

Want more clicks from your email marketing?

Look at these email conversion stats.*Screenshot%202023-08-29%20at%208*22*05%20AM*png?alt=media&token=560fd90c-520c-40e8-995a-e483946015eb

But that’s not all…

Watch this boutique fitness studio BEG ME TO STOP running ads because they were TOO SUCCESSFUL!

Watch it here*Screenshot%202023-08-28%20at%201*27*29%20PM*png?alt=media&token=6ead05db-2f3d-4d15-8046-da213af1d33f

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Worked with these peeps below. 

more cool stats here*Screenshot%202023-08-29%20at%208*27*36%20AM*png?alt=media&token=3c6d8530-0814-4051-a15c-4049e3420f3d*Screenshot%202023-08-29%20at%208*27*51%20AM*png?alt=media&token=7eb0346b-a2c8-4418-9578-be932d38da10

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